En los momentos oscuros, nunca olvidemos que somos girasoles.jpg 🌻🌞 .jpg .jpg .jpg .jpg .jpg .jpg
•_•Andaba buscando en otras tierras.jpg_Sin darme cuenta, _que lo tenía todo el tiempo•_.jpg.jpg.jpg
This is for the wanderers, the nurturers, the creators, the peacemakers, the spirituals, the healers
•_Momma said like the rain _Like a kidney stone _It's just a broken heart, son_This pain will pass a
Find your peace and let it flourish
Wake up and move forward
When the mind is at ease, freedom walks in. _For Zack. Based out of an owl pin that he brought
That love that comes unexpected, and doesn't expect anything back. Learn from that love, and act une
We're all mothers. We're all creators. We're all star-seeds
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